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12 Types Of People You Will Meet On Election Day

As we all know that the election is just few Hours to
hold, and there are categories of people we are going to
meet on that day and i bring to you, the 12 types of
people we are going to meet at the polling unit on
election day.
See The 12 Types Of People You Will Meet On Election
Day Below:-
1 The gentlemen/ladies
These are the types of people the will visit the polling
unit just to fulfil their mission which is to vote peacefully
and after that, go back to their home without any
2 The elders
These people(mostly men) are always between the age
70-80+ you will always find them sitting under a tree or
any shaded area within the polling centre lecturing
young men about the history of politics and how the
country was going from bad to good and vice versa.
3 The I Too Know (ITKs)
These are the categories of people that you will see
jumping from one place to the other as if they are INEC
chairman. You will never see them at rest, they can even
go to the extent of teaching the INEC officials their
4 The ushers
You will always see these categories of people on the
queue looking very quiet but when they see a person
trying to manipulate the queue, they will just walk to
him/her and say something like “Oga, please go and join
the queue at the back, we that have being on the line are
not animals” they will never leave you until you do the
5 The coordinators
They are more like the ushers but something special
about them is that they are not always on the queue, if
they see you trying to sneak into the queue, they will just
appear from nowhere and say “hey” then point to the
back, due to the fear that you don’t know the kind of
person they are, you will port to the back with
immediate effect.
6 The confused ones
Looking at them only, you will deduce that they are
confused. They will always be looking as if someone is
about to kidnap them or you will always see them asking
questions silly like “Brother, will they collect this PVC
from us after we are through?” or “Sister, shebi Buhari
the PDP presidential candidate?” They are always
7 The VIPs
These are always the big men of the hood, they will just
drive down to the polling unit with their expensive ride
and walk up to the INEC officials with a bottle water in
their hands and do all the necessary stuffs and drive
back home immediately
8 The spacebookers
I usually wonder if that’s what they do to make money
on that day or they are just naturally mumus. They will
be on the queue for hours and when it’s almost their
turn to vote, someone will just come from nowhere and
take their place then you will see them leaving.
9 The lookers/observers
Some are not even there to vote but to watch people
arguing or fighting, you will always see them at alert
with their phones getting ready to snap/video any funny
or fist throwing event that takes place at the unit.
10 The fighters
Their own mission is to come and cause violence at the
polling unit, they will mistakenly hit you or march you,
instead of saying sorry, they will turn it to fight. Be
careful when dealing with them
11 The traders
I usually love the courage of these people coz any
opportunity they see, they will use it to promote their
business. You will see them early in the morning already
offloading bags of pure water, snacks, groundnut, coolers
of rice and other foods some will even bring their tables
to roast boli(roasted plantains) at the polling unit, they
are always desperate to make money.
12 The pickpocketers
One of my teachers defined them as “Dem no be thieves
ooo but if they pass, something go lost”. All they need to
do is to just look at your pocket and they will explore
everything inside it then you will see them passing your
side 24/7 or trying to form familiarity with you, my
brother be watchful or else they will steal you sef.
keep calm and vote wisely. God Bless Nigeria