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Abeokuta To Lagos – A Must Read

“Iam going to lagos, Iam going to lagos”. **Sweating like
a valentine’s goat**.. I jumped up from my bed like I just
received a call from barrack obama telling me to come
to WHITE hood. Ohh my people, guess what? It was a
dream. I didn’t remember what I saw in that dream but
something was just telling me “Go to lagos, go to lagos”
Asif someone is waiting to give me money. I then told
myself I will go to lagos even though that was my 1st
time of going to that place called LAGOS. Should I tell my
family members about this new plan? Should I tell my
best friend Anjola? Should I tell my gf? All these
questions kept coming to my mind but the best answer I
could give was “Iam going to lagos”. I decided not to tell
anyone because they wouldn’t help by giving me money
or follow me to lagos.
Different thoughts about this lagos unplanned journey
started popping up even though I wasn’t listening to
“POP” by Drsid but I knew God will win so I played
“GodWin” by Korede bellow because even if enemies
throw “Kataput” it won’t touch me. I couldn’t stop being
anxious and curious about whatever I was going to meet
in lagos, don’t know where Iam going in lagos but I just
wanted to go so I decided to pick a Thursday for my
unplanned journey to lagos and didn’t tell anyone about
Thank God I knew where my mummy put her money, I
rushed inside her room on Wednesday night to pick ( not
steal, anything for my mum is for me, so? )…. I picked
up 2000k from her purse ( will she know about this?
Mscheww I didn’t even care) all was on my mind was
lagos. **Wheeeww** Mission successful, now what next?
Wallai tallai, I didn’t sleep on Wednesday night cus of
this joruney from Abeokuta to lagos, it was Asif I planned
for it or Asif I was going for an interview in an oil and
gas company. Early momo around 5, I jumped off from
my bed Asif I was going for “Jimmy jump off”, rushed to
my bathroom to brush and “Baff” to get set for my
ultimate journey. I dressed up like a world class business
man ( suit, one of my dad’s shoes and I very thin tie)
couldn’t even describe how I dressed but Iam sure I
didn’t look like a cooperate begger nor look like
frankdonga. I left home around 6:27am and didn’t tell
anybody cus they were still sleeping they took something.
Another confusion as I got to the park to board a cab to
lagos **Oshodi, Ojota, mowe, Ikeja, Ogudu, Sango,
Maryland, Vi, LEKKI** all these names kept coming from
different angles, **Keep Quiet*!!!! I shouted Asif I am the
principal of one public school. I decided to play fast on
myself and unfortunately or fortunately, I went for
“Oshodi” cus OSHODI oke ( a popular Nigerian actress) is
one of my favourite actress. Conductor! Conductor! How
much is Oshodi? ( Haaaaa baba ooo, your head they
there die, na 500 naira sir) I felt ok and relaxed because
the price was cheap but was still confused because I
didn’t know where I was going but since I saw and met
people there, I wasn’t that bothered so I entered. The bus
was full some minutes after I entered and we set to
Once again, I started thinking of where I was going, what
will happen? Who am I going to meet? Who’s waiting for
me? How’s Oshodi like? I couldn’t stop thinking so I
plugged in my earpiece and started playing some gospel
songs because right now, na only me and God ooo. After
some minutes, I switched to hiphop and what people call
“Worldly songs”. I was feeling myself but wasn’t feeling
sick not until we branched at a “Feeling station” and
spend almost 30mins. After some hours, the conductor
started calling different junctions like “Ketu, Ojota,
ogudu” and finally Oshodi. I dropped at Oshodi and
Oshodi was looking at me like my name is Oshodi.
**GOD! Take the wheel** I said to myself silently and
didn’t show any sign of “JJC”. I walked up a little to cross
the overhead bridge because no body was crossing
directly unlike abeokuta, you cross anywhere even
without carrying any cross. I kept working and didn’t
know when I started sweating like a sweating politician
campaigning under the sun, I decided to stop and ask for
where I could eat cus I felt WEAK and didn’t want to
END the journey because it wasn’t WEAKEND. I stopped
a man asked where I could eat, he hugged me like he
knew the man that stopped him from his village, wasn’t
bothered. Where can I eat sir? He smiled and said that
place pointing like a pointer, I said thank you and went
directly to the canteen.
I ordered for 4 wraps of Eba and 2 goat meat + 1 chilled
fanta. I felt like a baller and started playing “Emi ni
baller” by chidinma. I ate my food so fast like I wanted
to leave the place to watch “Fast and Furios 7″. I stood
up to reach for my wallet, I couldn’t find my purse.
YEKPA! I shouted and immediately my eyes saw
something written above one place in that canteen
“Owned by a retired soldier, eat and pay or eat and
die”. This is a dilemma time. Some minutes, one of the
servers came to ask for money.