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Abeokuta To Lagos (Part 2)

Few days ago, We posted the Part 1 of the Article
Abeokuta to Lagos HERE

Below is the Part 2 (Read Along & Drop your Comment)

**Chai Chai** That dude that hugged me at the garage
must have taken my wallet oooo. Wetin I go do oo? I
said this silently in my mind.
Oga pay me my money, Please pay the money for your
food, please pay please *She started crying, Infact
weeping** and I was wondering why an innocent girl
like this weeping instead of me weeping for not having
money to pay for the food I just ate.
“Calm down, calm down” I said, using my 2 hands to
make a gesture As if I just scored the winning goal for
my team. I moved closer to her and told her I didn’t
have money for the food and told her to walk me down
to their kitchen so I can start my new unplanned job
since God didn’t show me all this when I was in
abeokuta. YOU DONT have what? HAaa Oga pay me my
money before my boss enter oo. I was scared but didn’t
show it not until I saw someone as big as big show
standing infront of me with GUN. I looked up to see the
man’s face and immediately I shouted “UNCLE BAYO!
UNCLE BAYO? ” are you the owner of this place?
I jumped up several times and started forming
familiarity and feeling relaxed that the beating and new
work has been cancelled since the owner of the place is
my uncle. What are you doing here? Why did you eat
without paying eh? He asked with deep voice but not
sure if it was anger that just asked not my uncle. I didn’t
know what to reply him since nobody at home knew
about my journey to lagos. I…I…I.. actually uncle, I.. i…
i…. ( Cuts in) , Anywais b4 you continue, pay your money
for food or go inside the kitchen to wash some plates and
meet me upstairs to conclude our talk. I was shocked As
if I was playing “SHOKI” by Lil kesh. I followed the girl
and washed plates for more than 4hours without
payment. I didn’t even go back to see my wicked uncle
and I went straight to nowhere.
“How will I get back to abeokuta like this oh lord? I felt
like crying but nothing could actually make me shed
tears since I wasn’t sharing blood in jos. I decided to sell
one of my phones atleast to get some money that will
sustain me. I saw 2 men chatting and decided to inform
them about the phone I wanted to sell. I smiled and said
“HAaa my people my people, how far na? Omo I wan sell
my phone ( Z10) ni ooo, the 2 looked at each other and
definitely they must have seen some JJC qualities in me.
Ehn Ehn? So ow much? They asked. Just 30k noni. After
some minutes I stupidly said 30k, I came back to my
senses and didn’t see any of those guys nor my phone. I
wasn’t stubborn to cry, I cried and said “NOT again
Where next? I asked myself. “Babymouth, won’t you go
back to abeokuta? Should I go to a police station to
report myself or should I just turn to a cooperate begger
since I dressed so well. All these popped up in my head
but I was stubborn and decided to keep walking. I was so
tired after walking to no where and I branched a bush to
“Sh!t away all the unplanned suffering” I have suffered.
I was about to clean my a$$, one big bag just landed in
front on me and as a sharp guy from abeokuta, I didn’t
waste no time. I opened the bag and I saw MONEY!
Yekpa! I shouted and stood up immediately without
cleaning my a$$. One spirit told me to drop the money
but immediately I remembered this Davido’s song “Owo
Nikoko”. I took the bag and decided to go back straight
to abeokuta. Yes! YES! I knew it, I knew it, someone and
something must be waiting to bless me. I rushed down to
oshodi to take a bus back to abeokuta. I got to oshodi
sweating like a goat but that’s not the koko, how much is
it to abk, I asked the driver. Oga na 1000, he replied. I
didn’t bother to price the money. After some mins, the
driver moved the bus and we embarked on another
more interesting journey. I couldn’t keep how happy I
was to myself and yet I didn’t show how happy I was to
people on the bus. We got to abeokuta and I went home
straight to deliver the full gist to no one since no one
knew about the journey. Where are you coming from and
where did you see this bag? Asked my father. From my
friend’s place and the bag is for my friend I replied
**Frowning Asif he will collect the money**. I rushed
into my room, locked the door and started counting the
money. 3million naira? Omo, I danced away my joy….
opps sorry, I danced away my sorrow that day. I set
plans on how to spend it and how to paint the town any
colour. I rushed inside the bathroom to bath and set for
town, I was about going out and enjoy.
My mum just tapped me “Babymouth! Babymouth!!
Babymouth!!! Stand up, it’s time to go for your Creative
writing lesson… I jumped off bed aasif it’s my time to
rap at jimmy jump off nd shouted OMG OMG OMG, it’s a
dream? Mummy so it’s all a dream?