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Advice For All Nigerians During This Election Period (A Must Read)

This is not speculation, or raising false alarm. I have
confirmed this myself.
Yesterday I was at Transcorp Hillton, Abuja to buy Air
ticket for my boss, what I saw beats my imagination. Our
politicians and big men have been busy sending their
children and families abroad for the past one week now.
As I speak, some countries air ticket is a hot cake.
The same people busy flying their families abroad are the
same people we are fighting and making noise for. These
are the same people that are encouraging us to fight and
even kill to protect their ambition or for the actualization
of their ambition.
Their children are busy now in the airport, and air ticket
centre to fly abroad to relax, while we are here planning
how to fight for their ambition. It’s an injustice to
ourselves to be involved in any violence because of
As for me and my family, since we cannot travel abroad,
we are going out that day to perform our civic
responsibility by casting our votes, and come back
quietly to our houses and lock ourselves up and watch
the outcome instead of the opposite.
Please stay away from violence and trouble, if anybody
call for violence, let their families and themselves be at
the forefront to lead it. If any politician thinks his/her
ambition worth’s the blood of anyone, let their families
own be the first to be spilled. Let those that have ears
From Official Abolarin