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Read Prof. Jega's epic response to Orubebe this morning

After PDP party agent Godsday Orubebe created an embarrassing
scene at the collation centre in Abuja this morning, trying to disrupt
announcement of results (read here ) a very calm Jega told him;
"Mr Orubebe, you are a former Minister of the Federal
Republic .You are a statesman in your own right. You should
be careful about what you say or what allegations or
accusations you make. Certainly you should be careful about
your public conduct"
Jega's response to Orubebe has been hailed as mature and worthy
of praise. In fact, there's a meaning for Jega now. 'Jega' - meaning
- 'To be inexplicably chilled in the midst of stupidity or conflict" . lol.
Prof Jega's full response after the cut
"You have made two comments. One is that you submitted a
petition which I refused to accept. Secondly you claimed
that there was a result released by the APC which you
alleged that we gave to them or I gave to them. With regards
to the first point, yesterday after we took the first batch of
results in this hall and as we declared a recess until 4pm, as
I was walking down back to the office, my PA came to me
and said that here are some papers that Dr Bello Fadile, a
representative of the PDP said that he should collect it; that I
said Dr Fadile should give him those papers. I told him that I
didn't tell Dr Fadile to give any papers to you. Return them
to him because Dr Fadile, after we declared for recess came
on to this platform. As a party agent, he is not supposed to
do that and gave some documents to my PA who is writing
results here. and I am sure some of the agents and some of
the pressmen may have seen that and I told my PA to take
back those documents to him. If he told you I told him to
give you any documents, I did not. Take them back to him,
Subsequently, Dr Fadile sent me a text message saying that
there are petitions and that he wants to submit them. I told
him we don't collect petitions on the platform when we are
declaring results and then he said I should have left my
office open so that they can submit those petitions in my
office. I told him our secretary, the secretary to the
commission is not anywhere in this hall. She is in her office
and that her business is to receive communication. If they
are important enough, she would bring them to me here. I
have started collation. I cannot be receiving petition in this
hall or in this platform. And when I replied that text message,
he replied again and said Okay, he will see what he can do. I
interpreted the text as he was going to take that petition or
whatever document he has to the secretary of the
commission. As I speak with you now, I have not received
anything from the secretary to the commission. That is
regards to the issue of the so called petition.
Regarding results published by APC on its website, I do not
give results to anybody. The results were announced
formally as INEC are results declared here. And we have
warned everybody to be careful and to ensure that the do
not declare results which we have not officially announced.
So as far as I am concerned I have not seen any results. I
have not given anybody any results. So for you to even
engage me on that issue I think frankly that is not fair to me.
I have not seen the results. How can I speak on something
that I have not seen. So please let us be careful of what we
say or do so that we do not disrupt a process that has ended
peacefully and in a matter of hours we would be able to
finish it.". Jega said