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The United States of America’s president, President Barrack Obama earlier today had some words of advice for Nigerians as we head into elections week.

He had in his message urged Nigerians to vote in a President
who could secure the nations security for the upcomming years.
His speech took Nigerians by suprise, especially as the
countdown to the national polls is only some days away.
One of the first comments on the video’s comments section was
from a user named Frank Onoms, He wrote: Seriously Obama is
wasting his time. The president of Nigeria is so desperate for
power and he is willing to hang on even after death and as for
Nigerians they do not want change as suffering and smiling
coupled with oppression is their destiny so they see no harm in
what the present government is doing.
Dr Paul Oke was positive for the attention the leader of the free
world was giving the most populous black nation on earth.
He wrote: Thank you President Obama for your great message
which will go a long way to foster unity before, during and after
the coming election. You’re truly a world president and we
appreciate your support and great job toward keeping the world
to be in peace. God bless USA, UK and all friends of Nigeria and
God bless more abundantly Federal Republic of Nigeria.
A Google+ user named Amaka wrote: Thank you Mr
President.Lets all be courageously optimistic about the
upcoming elections. Our future is in our hands.
On one of Nigeria’s popular media forum, one user who goes by
the name of Dapo wrote: While the speech is very eloquent, I
find it a bit hypocritical of the US to claim to be a friend of
Nigeria and assume a big brother stance, when it was very quick
to desert us in time of need.
However, If I correctly understand Obama’s subtle nuances,
from 1:50-1:53 of the video, it seemed like he was encouraging
voting for GEJ. He says, “By casting your ballot, you can help
secure your nation’s progress”. Any contrary ideas?
While another user who supports the APC wrote: This is the
time for us we undo the mistake we made. Another opportunity
is staring us straight in the eyes. Era of ‘I had no shoes’ has
passed. New era has come. New dawn and new Nigeria that me
and you can be proud of. We are getting there!
Another user calle Seawy praised the recognition: God bless
USA, Obama and Nigeria nation. Saturday counts in our country,
pls vote wisely. Boko Haram must go, killing must stop…you
vote counts
One user with an unsavoury name rounds it up for us and
wrote: You must be more careful when America has interest in
your country…I can trace all troubles of the world to
America..they told us Iraq had weapons of mass
lie. Why haven’t they struck Iran or North Korea…they know
those nations have and any repeat of Iraq will be suicidal for
them. Many other nations abound that America is covertly
fuelling crisis…syria, Yemen, Iran, Palestine /Israel Feud.
All troubles are from there. I fear for this message…France and
many other nations are having elections this year…why
Nigeria..afraid is catching meee ooo.
The message has been one of the most talked about suprise
messages in a while, with critics analyzing and saaying whom
they think Obama wants as Nigerian head for the next 4 years.