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Wizkid Smashes Fan’s Iphone 6 In Dubai Club [See Photo]

Samuel Ajayi, a disgruntled fan of Afro pop sensation
Wizkid took to his Instagram page to blast the artiste for
allegedly destroying his expensive iPhone.
According to Ajayi, all he wanted to do was to take a
photo of Wizkid smoking a joint at the Dubai club where
they were all having fun and cooling off, when the artiste
turned violent, attacked him and then smashed his phone
into pieces.
In addition to this, Wizkid allegedly also broke a window
in the Dubai Night club, in his rage, forcing Dubai police
to shut down the club temporarily, ruining the fun for
the night crawlers present at the party.
Wizkid who has been in Dubai since Thursday the 26th
of March, to headline the Dubai edition of Industry night,
has not come out to address the allegations.
Samuel Ajayi who goes by SamuelChyln on Instagram
was however, not prepared to let sleeping dogs lie as he
posted a photo of the smashed iPhone on his Instagram
See the Instagram post below…