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Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration

May 29, the day of Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration, is considered to be the starting point of change, as the new administration takes over power.
The All Progressives Congress’ politician emerged the winner of Nigeria’s March 28 presidential election.
Since then, the outgoing government, led by President Goodluck Jonathan, and the incoming government have been preparing for the smooth power transition, which is to take place today.
Numerous national and world leaders are expected to attend the festive ceremony to mark the end of Jonathan’s tenure and office acceptance by Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo, the vice president-elect.
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14:30 Find the highlights and the full script of the president’s inauguration speech HERE. Thank you for having been with us today!

12:50 Nollywood actress Ini Edo was present at the inauguration, looking just fabulous!
Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration

12:25 Nigeria continues celebrating and discussing the just concluded speech. People got really impressed by the phrase “I belong to everybody and i belong to nobody” saying it was really powerful.

12:10 The president ends his speech, thanking the audience.

12:09 “My fellow Nigerians, I cannot recall when Nigeria enjoyed so much good will abroad.” Which opens a “window of opportunity” to the country.

12:06 Buhari says: “I am ready to listen to grievances from my fellow Nigerians.”

12:04 The politician condemns insurgency, vows to intensify campaign against Boko Haram. Military command centre will not be situated in Abuja, but Maiduguri until Boko Haram is defeated.

12:03 Buhari insists that the major problems are Boko Haram, Niger Delta issue, power shortages and unemployment.

12:01 Calls for support from the press, social bodies, civil society organizations to reach prosperity.

12:00 The country should “clean itself from its past”, says Buhari, further proceeds about corruption problems.

11:56 “We as Nigerians mastermind ourselves.”

11:54 The president thanks neighbours for cooperating with Nigerian in the fight against Boko Haram.
11:54 “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody.”

11:53 Thanks Jonathan for the provided support and cooperation.

11:52 Buhari delivers speech.

11:30 The military parade is underway.

11:14 The new president greets honourable guests of the ceremony.
Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration

11:10 Ex-president Jonathan leaves the venue of the inauguration.

11:09 Tweet on Buhari’s official account:“Fellow citizens of Nigeria, it is official – we have our president.”

11:00 The national flag and the defence flag are being folded by the flag bearers and handed over to the RSM. The master warrant officer presents a new set of flags to the guards brigade commander, and then he presents it to the chief of defence staff. The CDD presents the flags to Jonathan, and Jonathan hands the flags over to Buhari. This is to signify a new dawn.

10:55 Final steps of the constitutional procedure. Jonathan and Buhari are listening to the national anthem.
Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration

10:50 Meet Nigeria’s new president!
Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration

10:47 Muhammadu Buhari is being sworn-in.
Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration

10:45 Buhari heading to the podium. Minutes from now… the president-elect will become the incumbent president.

10:43 Jonathan acknowledging dignitaries for the last time as the president of the country. Historical walk to the podium.

10:40 Meet the new vice president of Nigeria! Loud applause heard at the venue.
Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration

10:37 Yemi Osnibajo is being sworn-in.
Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration

10:30 Dr Israel Akanji of CAN, Abuja chapter, just gave the opening prayer in the christian way. He is followed by Chief Imam of Abuja Mosque, Sheikh Ibrahim Makari.

10:23 History is being made right now!
Live Updates: Muhammadu Buhari's Inauguration