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''I Am Pregnant For Dammy Krane And He Wants An Abortion''; Babcock Lady Cries Out

rane is always a happy singer but looks like a new baby will not let him enjoy his career and fame. So I got an email from an 18 year old Babcock Student who I want to remain 'Anonymous' for now claiming to be pregnant for the star. At first, I ignored the story but not until she sent me different photos of them together. According to the lady, Dammy Krane and her had an 6 month affair that mistakenly led to a pregnancy and after trying to reach him to share the Good news with him, Dammy fled up, the story did not go well with him [I have decided not to share her photo just to save the poor lady's life].

He later contacted her that night that he has forwarded her some money to got and get an abortion. Now she says she doesn't want an abortion because the doctor says it is dangerous for her health..She also wrote that he had threatened her not to ever tell anyone about it..

Because I am not too sure of how True and Authentic this story is...I will pause here but Let Dammy krane respond to this else We will take up the matter..

Remember she is just a 200 level student in Babcock and is also as confused as anything