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Top 5 Upcoming Artistes You All Should Watch Out For

The Nigerian music industry is now very competitive as new artise emerge almost every single day of life. It’s no more news that some have made it to the top already, while some are getting so close to stardom and some are very good and talented but has not got the fame probably because of lack of funds to promote,
or any other factor(s).
Nigeria is full of talented people in all aspects of life and music is not left out in the scene, these set of 5 people, in my own opinion are the next to blow in the music industry sooner or later. Let’s take this moment to go through these people one by one.
1. Small Doctor
Hmm, this guy is at its peak already, in fact no one can beat his present status, he’s the top on my own list of top 5 upcoming artistes. Apart from his melodious voice in his numerous personal tracks, he has teamed up with so many popular artistes like Viktoh of YBNL, Samklef, Pasuma to mention few.
Small Doctor, excluding his musical career, one can sense he’s a funny personality as he’s reported to be standing on speakers while performing, along with stethoscope, Who knows maybe he left his Medicine course in school to pursue is career in music. Little wonder he named himself “Small Doctor”.
A show or party jam today without the DJ playing Small Doctor’s tracks will never be different from a burial ground, as the place will be boring and mournful.
2. Ola Dips
Lol!!! you know why I’m laughing so hard? I don’t know why I have to put this guy on this list. Oh no he has already made it in the industry with his indigenous flows in yoruba language. Omo iya aje or Illiterate as he is fondly called as released over 50 tracks, the amount of tracks many successful artistes in this country has never released half of it.
Ever since the day I was introduced to one of the tracks of Ola Dips, my life has never been the same. A day without his tracks played in my phone is the day there is no light on my phone. His recent works has called attention of other big indigenous rappers in 9ja, as this is the next king of the game.
I’m short of words to describe this lyrical monster, just go into Google and type his name, download any song of that comes your way. I guarantee you, you will surely like it. I strongly recommend you to download YAHOO BOI, MARCH 24 or LET DAGRIN DOWN. Listen to the songs and if you don’t like any of it, Contact me here and I will refund your wasted MB.
I would love to feature this guy in the future even though Im not an artiste, *wink*.
3. Da Boy
Daboy is a young talented yoruba indigenous rapper, that leaves you with so many things to imagine, he flows fluently anytime hes on the beat, unlike other indigenous rappers in the country.
His amazing flows caught many attentions of rap in Nigeria when he released his hit song “BOLENBE“, which got its place to every person’s playlist.
Hes so consistent that he teamed up in another track with the famous Lord Of Ajasa in a track titled “Ki Lo Mo”. Even Ajasa who was the owner of the track were outsmarted with DaBoy’s line in the track that featured Obadice. According to DaBoy himself, he’s always keen in telling us he’s taking yoruba rap to the next level, and we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed as he’s really doing it to our satisfaction so very well. He’s indeed a man to watch out for in coming days of the new faces in the industry.
4. Toby Grey
What a man can do, a woman can do better they say..
Toby Grey is the perfect example of that popular saying. While some male artistes are busy spitting trash out of their mouths, this girl has already stood firmly ahead of those guys in the music industry, right from the time I heard her sarcastic reply to Kiss Daniel’s “Woju” I knew for sure the girl is going to greater heights. She has already released more tracks and none of this tracks will never cease your phone’s playlist.
She has also released a video for her “Gbona” track which has recorded massive turn ups on youtube platform.
5. Viruz Zamora
One of the artistes in our country that shows us what he’s really up to by releasing a very fierce two tracks as his debut tracks. The singer already signed up to FOX RECORDS is a student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, where his school mates are very proud of having an artiste like him in their midst. He later added more fame to his name by releasing a cool video to his one of his earlier released tracks “HangOver”. When a video in this nation is directed by Unlimited L.A. i think you will surely know what the outcome of the visuals would look like.
Keep it coming Viruz!!
Over to the Greatest Naijaloadites, Which Artiste do you think is Missing from this List and Also which Artiste is not suppose to be here…
Drop your comments with good reasons to back it up.