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6 Reasons Rich Kids Join Cult Groups

Cultism is a religion or a religious sect generally considered to be false with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.
Here are 6 reasons rich kids join cult groups.

1. Protection: Children from rich homes are susceptible to attacks and humiliation as well as harassment. Notorious students feel oppressed by them as a monitor their activities. As a result, some of these kids just take to joining cult groups so they can have a ‘say’ in the society.
2. Cult funding: In the same vein, the children of wealthy parents can also be lured into these occultic groups with the aim of them being the sole financiers of the dark group. As the saying goes ‘money answers all things’ so they are being lured or some of them even join willingly just to sponsor the cult group.
3. Revenge: This is synonymous with the Nigerian school setting, especially the higher institutions. Some students take to cultism to revenge ‘atrocities’ committed against them.
For example, their girlfriends might fall in love with another guy and they will be wondering what can make the girls leave them with their money and settle for some normal guys on campus so as a result of this, they tend to seek revenge by joining the cult sect to be able to deal with them.
4. For Power: Some students, especially the rich ones love to be feared. They want to exercise their authority and make sure it stands. They seek authority from all places and possibly end up being a cultist.
5. To be on equal lane with their lecturers: In Nigeria, there are lecturers who are also members of these occultic groups.  As a result, many of them feel confident to become a member since their supposed teacher are already dining and wining with the so called cultists.
6. Peer Pressure: This is very evident with the Nigerian institutions. Rich children are always invited to be part of evil groups. A cult member will try to convince them to join and if he/she refuses, there could be a form of threat which may forcefully encourage the individual to join.