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Buhari Received Guests At Aso Rock

President Muhammadu Buhari has received guests at Aso Rock presidential villa yesterday, October 21.
President Muhammadu Buhari (3rd L), Special envoy from Venezuela/Vice Minister of foreign affairs for Africa, Reinaldo Bolivar (2nd L), permanent secretary, ministry of foreign affairs, Paul Lolo (3rd R) and other members of the delegation after a meeting with the president at the presidential villa in Abuja.
The president welcomed Renaldo Bolivar Vice Minister for Africa, leader of Special Envoy of Venezuela and Samuel Moncad as Buhari receives in Audience Special Envoy of the Venezuelan Government in Statehouse.
Buhari recently returned from Cross River state where he attended the groundbreaking to flag off construction of a 260km Calabar-Ikom-Katsina Ala superhighway.
President Buhari (R) receiving letter from a Special envoy from Venezuela /vice minister of foreign affairs for Africa, Reinaldo Bolivar at the presidential villa in Abuja.
President Buhari receiving guests at Aso Rock presidential villa.

Nigerian leader met with Venezuela’s special envoy and vice minister for Africa Reinaldo Bolivar.
Venezuela, which has the world’s largest crude reserves, began importing a variety of crudes to Nigeria for the first time last year, using them to dilute the OPEC nation’s heavy grades in order to reduce costs and create better blends for customers.
Nigeria’s crude will also let Venezuela’s company diversify its portfolio of exports by creating new blends, as well as reducing the need to buy pricey naphtha on the open market.