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Outrageous: Read What Happened After Gang Raped Lady Before Her Boyfriend

An armed gang reportedly raped a woman in front of her terrified boyfriend, tied him up and drowned him in a lake near Johannesburg.

The couples were reported taking a walk at Rhodes park before they were attacked by an all male gang.
Mirror UK reports that another couple with them were also attacked and the man was also bound and drowned in the lake alongside his friend.
Investigations reveal that the friends were on a leisure walk in Rhodes Park, Kensington, near Johannesburg, South Africa, around 9pm local time on Saturday, October 17, when they were accosted by the all-male armed gang.
A two-count charge of murder and one count of rape was confirmed by the local police.
Mpho Mashakane, Cleaveland police spokesperson, said: “Two men, accompanied by their girlfriends, were walking at the park at about 6.30pm yesterday when they were approached by the group of men.
“One of the suspects raped one female victim. The bodies of the two male victims, aged 25 and 32, were later found by police divers.”
Media reports show that no arrests have been made, however, police are desperate to find  the culprits of the hideous act.
A 24-hour hotline was made available, and members of the public were urged to contact Crime Stop’s on 08600 1011 with any information that could lead to the arrest of the gang.
South African media reports say one of the women managed to escape. However, the other lady was unfortunate, as she was raped by a gang member in front of her tied-up boyfriend, after-which he was drowned in a dam at the park.
Lungelo Dlamini, South Africa police service spokesperson, said the bodies of the two drowned men were recovered by police divers in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, October 18.
Investigations reveal that the all-male gang which carried out the sickening attack, consisted of about 12 members.
Some were said to be carrying knives, while a few others had firearms.
The men who were drowned were aged 25 and 32, the authorities have refused to release their names pending the apprehension of the culprits.
According to locals, Rhodes park in Johannesburg is a no-go area after dark. The park is known to be a hotspot for muggings and petty crimes at night.