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See What Toolz Is Doing To Get In Shape For Her Dream Wedding

Every woman’s dream is to look fabulous on her wedding day. While for some people it takes little stress to achieve this, for others it is a whole lot of work to achieve.  

For Tool Oniru popularly known as Toolz it is a herculean task that she wants to achieve.
You need to see the pains Toolz has been going through to have that perfect shape for her dream fairy tale wedding and her mermaid wedding dress.

The celebrity on-air personality (OAP) is doing all within her reach to achieve a ‘killer shape’ and win the contest on her day.

To achieve this Toolz is undergoing a lot of workouts, waist training, boxing, skipping and stuff like that. To achieve this, Toolz joined a fitness boot camp called Uzi’s Burn out, headed her personal trainer Uzikwendu, who is beating her into shape, and recent photos prove that it’s working.

But while Toolz is working hard to achieve a killer bride shape, her fans are of the opinion that she has a shape that makes men spin to have a second look.

Toolz before work out