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Allow children talk about sex, group urges parents

A non-governmental organisation, Mirabel Centre, has urged parents to open up discussions on sex with their children.
The Chief Executive Officer of the group, Itoro Eze-Anaba, said to curb the rising cases of child abuse, parents must allow children in their formative years to be vocal about sexual matters.

She said this in Lagos during the 5th edition of ‘The Conversation’ a quarterly public dialogue that focuses on child abuses and modern parenting methods, a statement said on Monday.
She said, “It is high time people started speaking about rape. Parents must allow their children to discuss matters that are sexually-explicit in nature.
“Rape matters must evolve from being about the victim to being about the perpetrator because a large number of those who have been assaulted have had to face the consequences of their ordeal despite their innocence.”
The CEO of Attitudinal Development International, Timilehin Oyebode, however, said suspected rapists didn’t necessarily deserve jail sentence because “paedophilia is a psychological problem that requires only a psychological solution.”
Joy Bewaji, the program’s convener, also echoed Timilehin’s position, saying “the greatest leap in the issue of abuses is the courage to openly discuss them.”