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FULL NAME -   Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji

NICKNAME - Ola Dips 

BBM.  531*****

Contact: 08136543900,  For your Online Music/Event Promotions, Hype, Twitter Trending, Song/Video Circulation

INSTAGRAM.     @ola_dips 

More About Ola_Dips

*. OLA DIPS is just 20 years old, (Started music the year 2012);

*. His 1st MIC-appearance was on SUCCESSFUL (a Drake Ft. Trey Songz cover);
*. OLA DIPS is a story teller in most of his songs.....loool;
*. If you feature OLA DIPS on your track, you're more likely to lose all your fans to him cuz he'll murder you and the track;
*. He's a very humble and a gentle guy....I've met him on several occasions and he has an awesome personality;
*. OLA DIPS has written many songs that he has forgotten the lyrics of most of his songs;
*. OLA DIPS has a girlfriend he really loves to the core and he's for sure proud of, he does less shina;
*. OLA DIPS does music full time, so debunk all rumours that he's a student of MAPOLY;
*. OLA DIPS does not smoke weed, unlike his fellows that does it to get inspiration to write songs;
*. OLA DIPS loves Orijin onike....seems that's his fav drink, don't really know sha;
*. OLA DIPS raps in 3 languages: Yoruba, Egba and English;
*. OLA DIPS doesn't eat any foreign food, just give him eba, amala or any local food;
*. You will love OLA DIPS the very first time you listen to any of his songs cuz it'll for sure get you thrilled;
*. OLA DIPS is a Celestial boy with Swag;
*. OLA DIPS is very respectful;
*. OLA DIPS doesn't really do beef, but if you bring it on, he will batter you raw;
*. OLA DIPS is currently not signed onto any Record Label but on a recording deal with popular Producer Sossick's Classick Tunes;

.....I don try abeg. Thatz all I could put up for my Surest Nigga Ever Liveth. What do you know about Ola Dips? Drop your facts as comment plus a splendid birthday shoutout to Omo Iya Aje.