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5 Reasons Call For Hijab Ban Is Hypocritical And Misguided

The call for Hijab ban is as a result of misinformation on the part of some non-Muslim and some Muslims alike. People should try to find out what the Hijab really stands for in Islam by respecting the choice of women who wear the Hijab.
Women in Hijab

1. Infringing on fundamental human rights

According to Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”
In the religion of Islam, the way in which people decide to live their lives is highly emphasised. Islam abhors and frowns against compelling anybody to do what is against his or her choice.
Human beings can eat, drink, wear or do whatever they like as long as they do not disturb their neighbour. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his noble soul) in one of his sayings in the 40 Hadith of Nawawi that make this statement clearer said:“Do not make life difficult for yourself, also do not make life difficult for other people.”
It means that as long as women who put on Hijab are comfortable with it, no one should raise an eye brow with whatever they wear.

2. Whipping up unnecessary sentiments

The major issue that brought up the discourse on the Hijab is about the female suicide bombers who hide the explosives under the Hijab to carry out this inhumane act. The question that should be asked is, will beheading a person suffering from headache cure his headache? The answer is an emphatic No! The Hijab has nothing to do with suicide bombing.
In a release by Premium Times on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 captioned“Hijab Ban At NYSC Camps Invitation To Chaos – Muslim Rights Group.”  The press release had it that the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) rejected the purported ban on Hijab in the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, camps.
In a statement by MURIC’s director, Ishaq Akintola, he said:
“The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) rejects the purported ban. It is reckless, baseless and preposterous. No public officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should speak in such manner. The pronouncement smacks of power drunkenness. It is a hate statement. The Director General needs to purge himself of Islamophobia.
“On what ground is he banning the use of hijab? Security reason is not enough because we have examples of armed robbers using police uniforms to rob. Has anyone thought of banning police uniform? About forty armed robbers dressed in army uniform attacked six banks in Agbara, Ogun State last week. They killed a policeman and a pregnant woman. Should we ban army uniform because of that?”
It should be recalled that during the presidential media chat by on Wednesday, December 30, 2015, he himself said there is nothing like call for Hijab ban. Since the nation’s number one citizen has spoken, why are people beating the dead horse?

3. Love for decadence and detest for morality

It is something that is sometimes strange to see females both young and old go topless and half-nude in the society without anybody complain about their indecent dress code. However, if a women who wears Hijab in respect of her Creator is seen on the street or in any gathering, people begin to comment on this. The society prefers to see women go naked that cover her body parts which is more honourable.
It is highly important to state here that no matter how ladies expose their body, it is not an automatic ticket to them getting husband. It is rather a gateway for men to use and dump them later.

4. Double standard in the society

What is good for the goose is good for the gander is a saying that should apply to everybody. Since putting on clothes of any type is allowed in the society, why is there a strong condemnation against putting on the Hijab? This shows that a good number of people who do not dislike indecent dressing but passionately detest the Hijab are speaking with both sides of their cheeks.
On Thursday, January 14, the News Agency of Nigeria had a report with the caption “Hijab: Group Cautions Against Religious Crisis.”  The information had it that the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWGN) cautioned Nigerians against engaging in acts that could cause religious crisis in any part of the country.
The advice was given in a statement signed by MMWGN’s National Coordinator, Alhaji lbrahim Abdullahi, on Thursday, January 14 in llorin, Kwara state capital. The group noted that National Identity Card Management Commission (NIMC) in Ibadan had refused to register women wearing Hijab.
The statement reads: “Following President Muhammadu Buhari’s comment on wearing of Hijab during the Presidential Media Chat recently, some unpatriotic Nigerians have started harassing Muslim women in some parts of the country.
“There were reports of some soldiers stripping women of their Hijab in Lagos and some Muslim nurses and patients were not allowed to wear their Hijab at Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos.
“Muslim Ummah will not stand by and watch people attack helpless Muslim women under whatever guise.”

5. Poor or no knowledge about the beauties in Islam

In Chapter 33, verse 59, Almighty Allah said: “ O you Prophet Muhammad, tell your wives, your female children and the wives of the believers, for them to cover all their body with Jalibaab (Women’s full cloth). This Jalibaab will make people recognise them as responsible women and also prevent them from being molested by irresponsible men. And Almighty Allah id forgiving and merciful.”
This verse therefore shows that people should find out more about the way Islam makes the world and lives of people better through its different laws and by extension what the Hijab stands for before they jump into wrong conclusion.