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Benin Holidays 2016

Keep abreast of world events and celebrations with JourneyMart’s exhaustive list of holidays and festivals for the year 2016.

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Dates 2016Occasion
January 1New Year's Day
January 10Traditional Day
January 3Prophet's Birthday
March 28Easter Monday
May 1Labour Day
May 5Ascension Day
May 16Whit Monday
August 1Independence Day
August 15Assumption
July 8Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
October 25Armed Forces Day
November 1All Saint's Day
September 11Tabaski (Feast of the Sacrifice)
November 30National Day
December 25Christmas Day
You should know:
Jewish family businesses (mostly retail stores) sometimes also close for major Jewish feasts (notably Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur). Visitors from northern climes should remember that summer holidays are commonly taken between Christmas and Carnaval. This is the summer school holiday period.
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Best Time to Visit Benin

Benin’s climes are most favourable for visitors between December and March, making it the best time to visit here. The rest of the year is hot, humid and sometimes rainy.


Benin has a tropical climate with three climatic zones. The southern part of the country is coastland with little range in temperature. For example, Cotonou has an average of 28º C in May and 23º C in August. It rains for most of the year especially between May and October averaging 1340cm. The dry season is from December to April. The hot, dry Harmattan winds from the Sahara blows from December to March.

In the north, abutting the Sahel, the humidity is much lower, but the temperature is higher. The wet season is from July to October when it is much cooler and rainfall averages at 960mm. It is hot and dry between November and June. 

Central Benin has two wet seasons – a short one between October and November and a lengthy one between March and June. The dry season is between November and March.