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Online Scammer Who Specializes in Blackmailing in Police Custody

Elom Nzube, 25, was arrested for hacking into the Twitter account of a Tanzanian, Dr. Reginald Remengi. He then used the account to reach out to the doctor's friend, Mrs. Tinu Abiola, the MD, HTM International Nigeria Ltd, and threatened to tarnish her image if she did not pay him $5,000. Abiola petitioned the IG of Police and investigations revealed that Nzube had already used his professional knowledge in computer apps to; design a human skull, attach Abiola's picture to it, fabricate a story, create a web page with Vanguard newspapers media logo. He then used it to blackmail Abiola, internationally. After his arrest, Nzube confessed to have blackmailed several people locally and internationally "among who are Prof. Toyin Ajao, a lecturer at the University of Pretoria, South Africa; Senator Raji Rauf, and Sam Kurk of England..