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This man refused to have sex with his wife, you need to read what happened next

– Husband says wife is disrespectful and troublesome – Wife cries in court, says he stopped making love to her since their only child died For refusing to have sex with his wife, an Osogbo Customary court has dissolved the marriage between Kolapo Saheed and his wife, Rofiat Kolapo. According to Daily Post, the woman reportedly told the court that she wanted out of the union because her husband had stopped having sexual intercourse with her. READ ALSO: If you cheat on your partner, it’s probably about more than just sex The husband, on the other hand, denied the allegations of the wife, accusing her of being stubborn, troublesome and that she had never given him peace of mind in the house, adding that the woman fails to respect him. The wife refused to accept any of the claims against her by her estranged husband rather, she accused her in-laws of always maltreating her since their only child together died. While speaking in court amid tears, she said: “My in-laws are heartless and have been setting my husband against me since I lost my first child; they have not even given my husband another chance to mate with me. “Was it my fault that we lost the baby? Or do they think I am happy that I lost my only child?” READ ALSO: Lagos man kills friend after sleeping with his wife The president of the court, Chief Gabriel Oparanti, who acted on the husband’s insistence, dissolved the marriage and the couple parted ways with immediate effect.