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10 ways Nigerian guests could annoy you when they visit (Photos)

If you live in Nigeria, then you would know some of the annoying things the guests who visit you do. Gone were those days when children looked forward to receiving certain guests in their homes because the goodies they would pack for them.
Even then, there were some guests that became pests; these guests overstay their welcome and find a way of frustrating their hosts and the children. Basically everyone who visits a Nigerian home is guilty of this charge as they often act on the fact that most of the hosts want them to be comfortable.
Starting from the moment some of the guests step on your porch, it would be one problem or the other with many people looking forward to their departure before they even pass the night.

See some of the things that make a Nigerian guest really annoying below:

1. Their large boxes and travelling bags

annoying things Nigerian guests do when they visit
One thing that is appalling about some of the guests we receive in Nigeria is the fact that they would pack everything they could while coming to pay you a visit. You would be left wondering if they intend dying in your house or spending eternity with you with the annoying bags they carry when they come visiting. And to make matters worse, you would be expected to help them pack them inside.

2. You become their servant

annoying things Nigerian guests do when they visit
Nigerians are quite hospitable, they would do everything they could to satisfy their guests. In view of this, some people seize the opportunity to completely relax and send you on errands like they are your master.
Some Nigerian guests are so annoying they turn you to a slave in your house and expect you to see to their needs. They would not assist you with house chores and also add to your list of works.

3. When they make stupid demands of you

annoying things Nigerian guests do when they visit
It is often said that you behave like the Romans when you are in Rome. Some Nigerian guests would not behave and comport themselves well, they would be asking for things they know they cannot get in their own homes and turn you to a hotel room service.
Some would ask for meals that would take you forever to prepare while others would just be so difficult by springing up fake allergies.

4. When they do not know their limit

annoying things Nigerian guests do when they visit
Some Nigerian guests will visit you in your house and then go on to tell you your house is not well arranged. Wait a minute, what are you? A sanitary inspector?
It is really annoying when these guests get into your house and start to tell you how to run the affairs of your house and what color would have been better for the wall.

5. When they appear at the wrong time

Some Nigerian guests deliberately show up in your house just when the food is about to be ready. They would never come after the meal and end up shortening your ration. You may end up eating your food without meat as their needs would always be placed ahead of yours.

6. The guests that have nothing good to say about you

annoying things Nigerian guests do when they visit
Some Nigerian guests would visit you and put you in trouble at the end of the day. They would frown at your bad habits and encourage your parents to deal with you severely. They could even go on to talk about how they dealt with their own children who tried putting up similar manners. Many children often pray for guests like that to leave as soon as possible and never come back.
7. When they demand that you put on the generator
annoying things Nigerian guests do when they visit
What? With the present price of fuel at N145 per litre? Some guests need serious medical evaluation really; most of them would come to your house and want things done their own way.
This may not even be a problem but when they make demands that would stress you as their host, then there is a problem.

8. When you are expected to babysit them

Some of the guests we receive in Nigeria could be irritating; they act like they cannot do things themselves and go on to inconvenient you as a host.
You would cook for them, serve them and they still expect you to pack the plates after they are done eating when they are not physically challenged. All they want to do is be in a position and get things done.

9. When they are too forward

annoying things Nigerian guests do when they visit
Some of the guests we receive do not know when to talk and when not to. Some would burst into your conversation and keep pulling you back because they want to know who you are talking about. Another set would automatically take control of the remote and switch the channel to one that suits them.

10. When they bump in on you unannounced

annoying things Nigerian guests do when they visit
Most of the guests in Nigeria have made it a norm to bump in on you unannounced. They feel they do not need any invitation from you before they come visiting and they do ruin your own plans in the process. When you try telling them to notify you before coming, they would become offended