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Cotonou Awards Lack Credibility - Tobinsco ( @tobinscoswag )

First of all, I'd like to formally introduce myself, but then again, I won't. You don't need to know me. But if you're reading this right now, then, that implies that you know me, or have probably met me before. Anyway, that's not important. What's important and mind-boggling is the rate at which Nigerians have been subjected to low quality of fun and Ill-timed events. We've had in recent times, many so-called events here in Benin Republic, but believe me, only very few of them are praiseworthy. I don't know exactly what is wrong. I mean, why don't we always get it right? There is this hydra monster that has eaten deep into our commonsensical fabric. I'm not claiming that we've not had good events though, but trust me, they're not outstanding. For instance, Naija Carnival of 2015 was a total success. What was the name of the guest artiste again? Damn! I can't even remember. But the venue was very perfect. The ambiance was okay as well. It lasted long and the turn up was massive. Black Out Party was also very successful. People even turned up way more than expected. But that's not even the topic of the day. My focus today is exclusively centered on the Awards that have been hosted so far. 

Awards are congratulatory gestures. They're important in the society. Yes, no doubt about that. But while we're trying to appreciate exceptional citizens in their various fields, don't you think we should also consider doing it well? Haven't we seen how awards are being hosted in other countries? You'll definitely want to posses one. But here in Cotonou, it seems like every individual or group hosting an award has ulterior motives other than the norm. It has become customary for them to play politics with the awards. I know you'll want to say that's everywhere, and that it all started from somewhere. That's a very plausible ideology highly devoured by falsehood. The voting process is not transparent. 

‎We've often seen sites where an individual votes more than 20 times a day. Is that even called voting again? Hell no! Awarding someone should be based on well-deserved merits, and not by random votes from random ghost voters. Cor relatively, if you cannot have a fair voting process, then you shouldn't have any nominations in the first place. After all, you always have winners in mind even before the so-called voting kicks off. Another remedial means of burying these adversities is by having a very reliable voting website. If you can afford to award people for being awesome, don't you equally want to be praised for a job well done? Get professional website creators, and be in top of your game with a befitting website. 

Also, I have noticed that many of these awards are badly financed and poorly publicized. You don't expect me to applaud your mediocrities. If you've been getting it rightly, I wouldn't say otherwise. Before you decide to host an award, make sure you've garnered enough funds. And if eventually you're having a ceremony as regards that, a good venue should be in place. 

That's all I have for you today. No offense. Let us strive to make Cotonou a better place for us all.