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Nigerian women give shocking reasons for cheating on their husbands (Must Read)

Speaking during a live programme on radio, the woman explained that she was cheating on her husband of five years and though, she was being pricked by her conscience, it has been difficult to stop.
cheating husbandFile photo: I burst into the room and met my husband and my chief bridesmaid making love.
The mother of three was asking for advice on what to do to end the extra-marital affairs.
Actually deflowered by her husband three years before they got married, she never tasted any other man until last year when her husband began to behave funny.
He stopped communicating with her “and there was no longer that attention that he always showed me and when I asked, he would say it is because of his new job.
“A colleague in the office was always there for me and before I knew it, I had slept with him. Believe me, my first experience with this new man was like I was in heaven. He did things to me that I never experienced all my life.
“Since then, love making with my husband has been extremely boring. I really want to leave the other relationship because I know it is a sin, but it’s been difficult. I often can’t hold myself when I am with this colleague,” she said.
It was gathered that some extra-marital affairs engaged in by married women have sometimes led to illegitimate children.
Olujimi, a resident of Ota, in Ogun state told our correspondent how he dated a married woman last year and how she man currently has a child for him.
According to him, the woman’s husband works in Lagos and only visits home at weekends.
“As a result, we started dating after becoming friends on Facebook. Four months later, she told me she was pregnant and that I was responsible,” Olujimi said, adding that he thought the woman was joking.
“She later had the child, a girl, and I attended the naming ceremony sponsored by the woman’s husband who believes that he is the baby’s father,” he added.
Victoria, a 32-year old married Igbo woman, also told our correspondent on Eskimi, a dating site, that she had cheated on her husband because even though the man was extremely caring, he is not good in bed.
“I am a person who knows what she wants in bed. Sincerely, I have tasted the better part of S3@.Xx:’ and wanted a man who is also a professional. But because of pressure from my family and the fact that the man is caring, I was forced to marry him.
“I don’t enjoy the marriage. He has a ‘good stuff’ down there but doesn’t know how best to use it. The worse is that he is even not ready to learn because he thinks that learning too much about S3@.Xx:’ could be a sin.
“So while I take care of him at home, I find time to grease myself up,” she said.
Sometime ago, Olubunmi Ajayi, a 36-year old housewife approached the Alakuko customary court in Lagos seeking to divorce her husband because he has a small Pen. Is.
“Since I married my husband, Sunday Olabiyi, two years ago, he has never satisfied me S3@.Xx:’ually,” she had told the court.
Another reason, as has been learnt from previous reports, is the need by some women to take revenge on their unfaithful husbands. This is more with the agitation for equality.
The Nigerian Senate recently threw out a bill seeking to make women have same opportunities as the men. One of the unreported reasons for this was the fear that it could make women equal to men in the home-front as well as encourage unfaithfulness.
Omowale Ogunrinde, director of the Foundation for Skills Development (FSD) in Nigeria told that no reason is justifiable enough for women to commit adultery.
“There is absolutely no reason why a woman would cheat on her husband if they are legally married; no religion supports that apart from the fact that it is morally wrong,” she said adding that the women who engage in such practice are covetous and not satisfied there could be solutions to their problems.
“They (the women) always feel that there is something better out there than what they have inside instead of work to ensure that what they have inside is made right.
“The reason people give is that the man is also cheating but that is not an excuse to also do same. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Some also say it is because the man is not S3@.Xx:’ually active or financially strong, but do these give you the right to do what is wrong?” she asked.
She advised women to always remember that their duty is to build the home and that whatever they do will affect their children. She urged women in the practice to stop and get counseling or get a mentor to encourage and talk to them especially once they are faced with the temptation.
“Men get away with a lot of things but how would children forgive their mother who commits adultery? It is difficult. You cannot be building a home and using your own hand to destroy the home,” she noted.
For men who commit adultery, she said such act belittles them advising them to always remember that they have children who should keep their names.
“Men should control themselves and be careful where they sow their wild oats because you do not know who is watching,” she said.
The Breaking Times had reported two weeks ago that a man’s manhood was chopped-off because he took a second wife.
The report which is said to be unconfirmed, was reportedly shared on Facebook.
According to Ibrahim Muazzamz who shared the photo, the man’s manhood was severed because he took another wife. There was no statement regarding who carried out the act and how the act was committed.