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Woman kidnapped and beaten for 6 days by man she met on Tinder

A 20 year old student of Lawrence college in Kansas was allegedly kidnapped and beaten for 6 days by a man she met on a social media dating site, Tinder.

The College student left her sorority house on Tuesday afternoon to spend time with 30 year old Shane Steven Allen and no one heard from her till the following Monday, when she returned battered and bruised, by Allen in fits of jealousy, according to an affidavit obtained by Journal-World.
She was taken to the hospital after she was returned to her sorority the morning of April 18 with injuries to her face, neck, chest, back and legs, after she felt a little better, she reported the assault to police.

On April 22, Allen was arrested and charged with one felony charge of kidnapping and four felony charges of battery and is still awaiting a preliminary hearing where he can respond to the allegations. 

According to the affidavit signed by the College student whose name was not released, Allen picked her up from her sorority house around 2:30 p.m. April 12 and took her to his Lawrence home, which the woman described as a trailer.
She said, prior to going to his house/trailer, they had met before in a neutral place once before and "everything was OK."

At Allen's trailer, she said she worked on a school assignment that was due later that night. And as she did her homework Allen invited 2 of his male friends over to his home. She said she smoked  marijuana with one of his friends, then both men left. 

Sometime during the night, she got up to get some water to drink and Allen followed her and accused her of flirting with one of his friends, an accusation she denied. Allen accused her of being like his ex-girlfriend and punched her in the eye which knocked her to the ground, he got down and continued to beat her.

After Allen stopped beating her, the woman asked him to take her home, but, he said she couldn't go home until the swelling around her eyes reduced. She told police that one of her ankles was so swollen she didn't know whether she could physically leave at the time.

The next morning, Allen again refused to take her home, and later in the day choked her until she passed out.

Another time during the six days, Allen pressed his knee to the woman's throat as she was on the floor, the affidavit says. When she was interviewed by police, they noted "obvious bruising to her throat and jaw line, extending to her ears."

During the six days, Allen never left her by herself and allegedly drove her several places, including to a McDonald's, to one of his relative's houses and to the house of one of his friends. The woman said she was kicked and strangled on other occasions during the time she was kept against her will.

She said she begged him several times to let her go but each time he said she couldn't go , and he denied each request, saying she could not go back until her face healed.

The morning of April 18, she said she once more asked Allen to take her home, reassuring him that she would not contact police, and he agreed.

Investigators noted the she had two black eyes, bruises and swelling on her head, face, neck and the rest of her body, broken blood vessels in her eyes, multiple scrapes and abrasions to her legs, knees, feet and more.

Allen is currently being held in the Douglas County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing at 2 p.m. Wednesday.

If convicted of all five felony charges, Allen could face nearly 32 years in prison. 

Source: Journal-World