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Sorry Nigerians "I. B: FEMI KUTI " ( @DjKhode )

Sorry Sorry O
Sorry Nigerians,
Sorry for Nigerians,
Sorry Nigeria has remained like this for years (1960-2016) 58years :O
Sorry our country has a problem we can not solve 
Sorry it might continue like this forever
Sorry for those who vote every 4-4 years because they think they made a wrong decision the last voting,
Sorry we are now old, If Nigeria was a human, He/she will be 58 years, Automatically cant be easily healed when sick (OLD)
Sorry O
Sorry for those who voted when Inec ask them to vote, You actually thought you were voting your saviour not knowing you were voting for an animal in human being skin (supposed to be in a Cage,Eating banana)
Sorry Nigeria's problem is something undefinable,We remain like this , we remain like this
Sorry Nigerians who regret after voting for the Right Wrong man(You choose him to be right but your eye were seeing ironically) OMG
Sorry the fact remains our leader as our one and only problem.......
Sorry we can't solve that ....
Sorry the only Problem unsolved by mathematicians is Nigeria Problem,
Sorry i feel bad writing this
Sorry we are the components of our leader,Either we are today or We are tommorrow , we are Nigeria, we are our Problem.
Sorry Sorry O
Sorry if i emerge controller of the Nation today,I can't change anything, you can't .. When we try to do, Nigeria actually thinks you are the enemy..
Know the truth and let the truth set you free....
The fact this is on a facebook wall doesn't mean it's not talking to you or refering to you not to read.
Sorry we Nigerians have same heart,mind and orientation,
Sorry the generation of today, will be there tomorrow and nothing will change i predict, I'm 100% correct and sure
Sorry to the Nigerians
Sorry the future is like a smoker lungs(So dark) i cant see any light coming yet..
Sorry i did not say Nigeria is finally spoilt and can't be fixed... The future holds on you
Sorry Only you can decide Nigeria's tommorrow.
Sorry to tell you,Nigeria is in Her current state because of you,
Sorry you're a Nigeria, and you're spoiling Nigeria
Sorry Nigeria is not country, Nigeria is me and you
Sorry I don't think there will be a day we will stop watching this leader do what they like and tell them whats right when they go wrong.. we correct them of their mistakes.
Sorry I know Nigeria has a great future and we will be a great nation
I do hope for a greater and better Tommorrow. >> Nigerians !!
Because I also have a dream ! ! !
God Bless Nigeria
God Bless the World.
God Bless Every one.
Peace !!!!
Been long i did something like this, lol