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Man cries out after being asked to pay 100k to redeem his N3.6 million in MMM

The return of MMM after the suspension brought smiles to the faces of many Nigerians who had relied on this ponzi scheme for long. What many did not know was that their joy will be short-lived given the irregularities that accompanied the reactivation.
Man cries out after being asked to pay 100k to redeem his N3m in MMM
Screenshot of the young man who has cried out for help after his N3.6 million got stuck in MMM.
MMM is considered to be the most popular of the money-doubling schemes that Nigerians invest in now. Thousands of Nigerians saw it as an opportunity to improve their standard of living since the economic recession hit them hard.
The portal got opened a day earlier than the set date and the activities began with members providing and getting help. However, MMM returned with conditions that limited the activities of the members on the platform.
A young guy identified as Kingsley Uguchukwu on Facebook has cried out for help. The MMM participant claimed to have lost over N3Million to the popular MMM Ponzi scheme. The story he shared about his ordeal on Facebook will either make your heart reach out to him or mock him.
Check out what he wrote on his social media page when he could no longer hold on:
"I have been comporting myself and i think is high time to cry out for the word to hear my voice. i was supposed to be paid since on 21 of December but till now nothing has been done, ok the officials told me to provide help of at least 100k that once someone merged for me to pay that they will immediately assign people to pay me... ok i pledged to provide help of 100k since on Friday till now nothing has been done.
Now MMM is playing with my 3M that i made with sleepless night!!!!"
Having N3.6 million stuck in some place with this economic recession will drive any one mad with worry. MMM set some conditions when the portal was reopened at the beginning of the year.
Uguchukwu is running at a loss already since he was asked to pay in N100,000 to be able to get his money out. But as it is, no one understands what is going on anymore since the main money is yet to be paid.
Part of the set rules include paying members who do not have much money in the scheme first before paying those who invested largely in it.
The administrators felt people would have pull out as soon as they resume activity on the site and did this in order to avoid the rush. They predicted that people would want to pull out as soon as they reopened, hence, the restriction was placed.
Note that MMM had warned people to invest only with money that they can spare. This means that participants should only put in money they can let go of.