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‘I’m not afraid of election’

The President of Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) Engineer Ahmadu-Musa Kida has boasted that he would be ready for re-election whenever the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) chooses to do so.

He told reporters in Abuja yesterday that at the last visit of FIBA’s delegation when they advised both warring sides Kida and Tijani Umar factions to reconcile but to no avail, he said he would abide with any final decision coming from the world governing body of basketball- FIBA which may see FIBA conducting a fresh election for the NBBF.
But Kida was quick to note that before any election is conducted, the Federation has to draft a Constitution that will be endorsed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and most importantly FIBA. Kida, however, disclosed that the NBBF has no valid Constitution guiding the Federation now and a fresh constitution should be in place before the election.
“I won the election overwhelmingly so I am not scared at all of any election. We know that election would hold every three years. So if we are not afraid of an election last year, we can’t be afraid of any coming one”, Kida disclosed