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NANT urges members to get their PVCs


The National Association of Nigeria Traders (NANT) has appealed to its members to ensure they collect their Permanent Voters Card ahead of 2019 general elections.
President of the association, Ken Ukaoha, made the appeal at the inauguration of the NANT FCT Women Wing Executives in Abuja, on Thursday.
He said the association has endorsed a manifesto, titled ‘Traders Charter of Demand’ which he said would be the yardstick to deciding who to vote into power in 2019 general elections.
He said the collection of PVC’s was the first step towards ending the crises in the country.
Mr. Ukaoha made it clear that the association would not stray from its voting interests detailed in the manifesto.
He said: “We have a large program planned and this operation is heading down to all the nooks and crannies. We are collaborating with INEC to take this to the various states of the federation starting with Abuja.
“The advocacy will get to the streets, the market, and everywhere else. This will be replicated in every corner of this nation.

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“We produced a charter of demand. What will make us vote you as a seeker of public office? These things are enshrined in our manifesto.”
Ukaoha commended women across the country for struggling to be peacemakers in society, especially in the midst of political crisis.
“When there is crisis in politics, the women bear the brunt, along with their children.
“They are dislodged, turned into internally displaced persons, and most times the killings are targeted at the women and children, because they are harmless,” he added.
He enjoined political candidates running for offices to bear in mind that heightened security was a top priority.
“Those who want to be voted into power must also seek for peace,” he said.
The National Woman Leader, NANT, Ruth Agbo, expressed her discontent at the political and social injustice directed towards women.
She acknowledged trade as being the major focus of many women in Nigeria, emphasizing on the contributions of women traders to the economy.
She said: “The women wing which constitutes about 70% of NANT membership is a constituency that has fully invested in this country.
“We make up the informal sector; contributing 70-80% of the labor force-without which the GDP of this country cannot be complete.
“The Nigerian woman has proven her ability to cope well with difficulties.  We are not designed to exist and waste away.”
She encouraged women traders everywhere to take due advantage of voting in order to displace corrupt leaders from their positions.
“Women traders have the numerical strength to influence the electoral process and determine the all-inclusive participation and governance of women.
“There has to be a rebirth of the political terrain. Corrupt leaders sponsor crisis in the name of politics.
“We need to build a new system that values the goodness of our hearts over the depth of our pockets. We need leaders with credibility and character.
“No more shall women continue to sit with bowls in our hands waiting for men to throw the crumbs of policies from their decision-making tables at us.
“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world,” she added.
The Deputy Director, Gender Division, at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Blessing Obidegwu, who attended the event, urged women to obtain their PVCs.
“Some women are not coming out to register, despite the zonal sensitization program on enhancing the participation of women in registration,” she said.
She complained that many women are not interested in registering, citing INEC statistics.
She said that, “INEC, in response to its mandate in the electoral act of 2010 has amended that it is mandated to carry out continuous voter’s registration.
“By the end of 2017, we had 57% registered voters as men, only 43% were women.
“At the first quarter of 2018, men registered 53.4% and women 46.6%, so it is marginal.”
She also stated the importance of having women in decision-making positions in government.
“We bear the shoes and we know where it pinches the most. This will make our country better.
“In a country where you have both men and women in decision-making positions, the country progresses faster,” she said.