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Super-Feminist, Linda Ikeji Pregnancy Photos, N125M Bentley Mulsanne and the IVF Angle


Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji announced the news of her pregnancy today and her naive feminist followers mostly in there 20's and early 30's were stunned to find out that they have been so much alone in this feminist struggle all along, all the rhetoric that "men are scum", "you dont need a man", "silly little men", "you can be celibate", "I have not had sex in 6 years" and lot more turned out to be a fiction and a fantasy that Linda Ikeji has used to blind her followers and keep them believing that she is one of them, whilst infact she is directly opposite of all the feminists culture she vigorously defended on her platform, and revealed that Linda Ikeji DOES LOVE MEN and LOVE LOTS OF SEX WITH MEN, she had so much sex that it resulted in a surprise pregnancy. Linda In her statement revealed that she was extremely surprised to miss her period in January this year! Which means she have been planning the pregnancy at least a couple of month while having steady sex during her fertile windows whilst still pretending to be a core feminists, JUST as her followers wish that she should be. At Gistmania, we are very excited for Linda Ikeji because she took the most important decision of her life and stuck to her guns inspite of all the stick her ex-feminists (Wannabe?) followers will try to lay on her, she knows truthfully, down inside of her that "MEN ARE NOT SCUM", she knows "Men ARE ACTUALLY WONDERFUL" and the sensational feeling of having sex with a man is beyond wonderful and she loves it so much, most of all, with the right man she is very much willing for it to go way beyond sex and turn into pregnancy, she is astute and smart, she knows alot of those young girls are only misled and frustrated in life, they needed someone to console them and make them feel like they are not alone and she came along at the right time.

Some of the feminist followers are sill stunned and others refuse to come to terms with reality, claiming that she could still be pregnant without having a man! some when as far as claiming that Linda Ikeji can choose her baby by just choosing the right sperm donor in a sperm bank and having an IVF procedure! I almost fell off my chair laughing off such moments because those ladies are so deluded they forgot to notice an engagement ring on Linda's finger, Linda has subtly in several ways revealed that she love SEX and so loves lot of it and she loves to have it with men, so if you emotion has been bruised or hurt by a man in the past there is no need turning a "feminist" and female right activist overnight due to some isolated incidence, its better to take your part of the blame, retrace your tracks and do not repeat the same mistake again, rather than looking to form an army of fellow "hurt women's club" to proclaim the news that "Men are scum" and basically just preach hate and look extremely stupid when reality like this hits you hard and you realize some of your fellow soldiers, captains and major actually love men, if they can find one!
Meanwhile, while departing the sad single's women club, Linda Ikeji has also said to have ordered a Bentley Mulsanne to celebrate her newly found status and her departure from the sadistic feminists club into the league of women who were able to work with men to become pregnant and have more men WHO THEY LOVE WITH ALL THEIR HEARTS!!, Can you imagine that!?? MEN ARE NOT SCUM, maybe you should go for a rehabilitation to fix what ever broke in your life!